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The wrong question

wrong_questionGetting the tax cattle to ask the wrong questions is a powerful tool to prevent them from asking the right questions. If they would ask the right questions, they would find the answer in the end, which is not in our advantage. Subjects tend to try and find an answer to the questions you pose, and forget to ask whether the question makes sense at all. As long as they are chasing their own tales, they form no threat to your power.

So you create a lot of fuss about who will be elected for president, so the subjects forget to ask the question:"Do I need a president at all?". The whole election can be an elaborate show like all star wrestling. Make sure you phrase it eloquently: 'By who do you want to be coerced?' might be disrespectful. 'Who do you want to coerce your neighbor?' is even too blunt, but 'Who do you want to rule the nation?', is more like it. Nowadays 'coerce' is often replaced with 'lead' suggesting a voluntary choice.

"Should we spend more money on health care or on education?"

works much better than "Should I force you to give me more money to spend on health care lobbyist or on propaganda for your kids?"

The question suggests you are interested in their opinion, which should always be in there, but the options given, make sure you always win. They will focus on the 2 options instead of the question why you should determine how their money is spend at all. Both lobbies pay you, either in real money, or in priceless praise of your rule and rulers in general to the impressionable young. After you are in power, you can do anything you want anyway.

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" We are conducting a mass annihilation of defenseless men together with their wives and children "

Nikolai Bukharin, Bolshevik leader