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Step away from the goal

Arrows in opposite directionsAn important thing to remember is to step away from your stated goal. President Lincoln e.g. supposedly was going to (have others) fight against slavery. What is the first thing he did ? Enslave people in his armies (the draft) and tax people to pay for his war. Communists were going to make everyone equal. What is the first thing they did to equalize things? Seize power over people through government. It can even be traced back to religion. God commanded:"thou shalt not kill". What did he supposedly do? kill everyone in a great flood. Rules stated by the powerful are never applicable to the powerful themselves. You want to emphasize the importance of freedom? Define an obligatory holiday for it. George Orwell also got this very well. In his novel '1984' The Party invented Newspeak which defined Slavery as freedom, named the group of people planning wars:  the ministry of peace. It also had the ministry of love torturing people, the ministry of plenty was rationing and the ministry of truth was spreading propaganda. All their stated goals were nicely aligned with the opposite of what they wanted to accomplish. This is not a coincidence, absolutely essential.

Do you really step away from your goal? No, it is just that you state your goal as opposite to what you really want and in line with what people want to hear. So people do not want to be coerced (by definition), you want to coerce them,  you call your gang a freedom party or liberal party. People want to deal with each other on an equal footing, you want them to be at your feet, you call yoursefl a communist. People want safety and security ? You call your gang a law and order party, you can proceed by exciting terrorists worldwide with hundreds of military bases. People care about the poor? You claim to care about the  poor, first thing you do is inflate the money supply.

What is the purpose of stating your goal opposite to your real goal? The purpose is to fool the subjects without triggering their defences. You need some level of compliance, you can not single handedly coerce eveyone. Say whatever they want to hear, do whatever you want to do.

One of our customers named de Opperdienaar stated it in these famous words:

"You can coerce some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not coerce all of the people all of the time."

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