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Start small

Ambition is a good thing, but start your extortion on a small scale. When Europeans first set foot on the new world, it was hard for it's rulers to make their case that the subjects should hand them the fruit of their labor. Not that it was not tried. The first settlements of the Plymouth colony were run in a communistic way with people handing over their produce to a ruler, who promised to redistribute it equally. They died at such a fast rate that the few survivors changed to private property. It immediately flourished.

Income tax was absent and the case was hard to make that half of the subject's life should be dedicated to another man's goals. That is why the rulers in all their wisdom started off with 3% income tax only for the super rich. No one really cared about the super rich and even the super rich were not to worried about handing over a small portion of their wealth to the ruler. From this small beginning the road to serfdom was set in to the current state in which every government caused crisis is an argument to extend state power of a government that is already the most powerful that ever existed. It takes time to get there, but you can not skip the phases in between. You need central banking, public schooling, media licensing, wars, etc. etc.

So start your scheme small and with uncontroversial things. The EU e.g. banned sex with animals. Not a lot of protest to be expected here. People did not even know it was a problem, but assumed it was after the ban. Attack self invented beer monopolies, people like their beer. They do not check if the prices really went down after your attack, they know it was nonsense. But they also know they are a sacrificial animal and it's time for slaughter. Call the extension of your power cooperation, people like that too. Say that opponents of your power grab are provincial people from the past who are against cooperation.

Don't be to worried that the small start will take you a long time to gain immense powers. Small government means enormous growth in wealth as subjects like to work for their own goals. Growth is exponential and you can easily tap it.


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" Beware of the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is a double edged sword. It emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind. "

Julius Caesar, dictator of the Roman Empire