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People who are virtuous do not need to ask for respect from others, because it will come automatically. That is why you have to increase the amount of portraits, statues, TV appearances of yourself all around your territory in plain sight of your subjects (squares important crossings, etc.). The more blood of your own subject's is on your hands, the bigger those statues need to be. The subjects will show all the signs of respect, because they do what is expected of them (that is why they are subjects).



Joseph Stalin, killer of 30-60 million subjects. Stalin was like Lincoln an abolitionist, predominantly of private property. He was the first ruler in the previous century to reach owning everything and everyone in his territory. That is, the state owned everything and he headed the state. A typical 'in the name of' scheme.

Statue requirement: humongous







lincoln2Lincoln, started a war when some subjects trying to secede from his territory, killing over half a million subjects. Even though Lincoln later said the war was about the abolision of slavery, his earlier statements were :"if you do not pay me the impost you get an invasion" and "I do not care about slavery, only about the preservation of the union". With the union he meant the subjects paying money to him. It is also unlikely that slavery was a concern of his, since his army was filled with drafted conscripts.

Statue requirement: pretty big




JFKJohn F. Kennedy, started the Vietnam War, caused the death of over 1 million, but only 60.000 American. Always a good idea to put a child next to the ruler, to emphasize his humane, fatherly and caring character.

statue requirement: modest









Saddam with child and statue falling

Although even posing with a kiddo is not always sufficient for a happy ending

(come to think of it all these rulers got killed themselves, Squeeze Squander and Spin requires payment up front for it's services)





Barak Obama, commander in chief of the largest coercive organization the world has ever seen, chief slayer in 2 wars, combat casualties native troops: several thousands;

statue requirement: small medal suffices (for now).






Remember that if you have monopolized a service and it misses all it's stated objectives, you invite officials from all over the world to pay homage to your program. Your visitors will know what is expected of them. They might recognize it from the question:"Do you think this dress makes me look fat?" Say you monopolized heath care in a National Healthcare Service, don't mind if it is falling apart, invite people from all over the world to pay their respects to your baby. No one will say it is ugly, especially if they are asked what they think after others said something positive. Psychological tests have shown that group pressure is so strong that if you show a person two lines that are obviously different in length, subjects will say the lines have the same length, given you have some collaborators around them who openly say the lines are of equal length. Remember the fairy tale, people will not say the emperor wears no clothes.



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  • Tony  - Medal?

    In the Obama-section it says: "statue requirement: small medal suffices."

    Maybe you should add "for now" between brackets.

    I'm sure his tax extractions skills will gain in reputation, in hindsight, to such a degree that a medal will end up being wholly insufficient.

  • Supreme Servant

    noted and changed

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