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communicationThe right language and clothing are massively important. Every scheme is based on a national identity and you should let no opportunity pass to speak of 'we' and 'us' when you talk of them (the tax slaves). Even the most die hard libertarians and anarchists say things like :"We are running up irresponsible debts", when they want to say:"my ruler borrows a lot of money based on my income". So you can even admit things are going terribly wrong, as long as you phrase it as 'we have a problem'. The tax subject will think "State finances are messed up again", but that is not important, since it is something they already know. The important thing is the subliminal 'we' in the message.

In a normal situation it would be insane to speak of the will of a group of people, in which some people coerce other people. It is like looking at a man raping a woman and asking: "What do they want?". 'They' of course want nothing. the woman wishes not to be raped and the man wishes to rape, but 'they' do not want anything.

If you control the educational system and license the media, you walk over such problems as if they do not exist. Your hole educational system is funded by coercion. Your subjects grew up in obedience and coercion, how would they recognize it as unusual?

As a rule of thumb one can say that you can increase taxes as long as the libertarians in your society keep saying:"we are passing the wrong laws in this country, we punish the productive and reward the unproductive". Follow your gut level feeling and if it feels nice and warm after they say 'we', you are on coarse.

At some tax level, they will start saying: "They are passing the wrong laws in this country". You have to switch from the big tax increase button to the small one. You keep looking very concerned and ask what it is exactly you are doing wrong and claim not to understand. Don't worry about looking stupid. Stupidity, ignorance and bad calculus are your friends. These are the flares and decoys that should the misguide the real missile of 'evil'. As you keep increasing taxes, they will finally say:"They are passing evil laws in this country". Now you have to start to be careful, since morality is not something to ignore. As long as they say 'country' you might have a little bit more room, but you are close to optimal.

There are countless linguistic subtleties that need to be taken into account. It goes too far to discuss them all here. Always call your self a 'leader' instead of a 'ruler', suggesting your subjects have chosen voluntarily for you to direct their lives because of your moral qualities. Tax cows should be referred to as citizens. When others kill, it is murder, when you do it, it is called war; when you steal you call it taxation or inflation, when others do call it theft and counterfeiting; hit men are also not the correct term for your soldiers. Remember to 'invite' people to fill in their tax forms.

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