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The false dichotomy

The false dichotomy is a powerful technique in your subjugation toolbox. It can be used in combination with fear. When people ask why they ought to give you their property, you ask them: "Do you want to live in a state of nature in which everyone can take your property at will, or in a situation in which only I can take your property according to strict rules, set by me, enforced by me and verified by me?"

The result of the false dichotomy, should usually be that you end up with a monopoly of something the subjects holds very dear (care for the poor, the environment, money, infrastructure, justice). Once you have a monopoly you can exploit it by raising prices without competition moving in to undercut you. You do not have to have the tax slaves agree on all your monopolies. As long as one tax slave agrees on the principle that you ought to have one specific monopoly, they can not deny their neighbor the wish for another one (they are suckers for consistency). This way you get all of them. The argument "You might not want me to have a monopoly on health care, but you want me to have one on violence. How can I give you what you want, but deny your neighbor what he wants?" Since tax slaves are moral creatures, they can see the principle and go along. None of this sticks to you, you are non human and outside of their reality, since you do it all in the name of 'the state' or 'god'. They stare right through your transparency to spot the invisible concept.

Get them committed to violence

Get them committed to your initiation of force, with whatever excuse you can come up with








Ayn Rand said:"Don't be tricked into believing sacrificing yourself to others or others to yourself. ...You wouldn't accept it if someone told you your only choice was between sadism and masochism, would you? The same principle applies here."

We can learn a lot from our opponents like Ayn Rand and getting people to believe false dichotomies must be one of your goals. Get them to agree on sacrificing themselves, entice them with the sacrifice of others and you will have a great position as a middle man.

An example of a false dichotomy is this one of GW Bush "Human cloning is deeply troubling to me, and to most Americans. Life is a creation, not a commodity."

Don't give them more than 2 choices; your choice and an obviously ridiculous one. After the plea for human life, he led the nation into war of which the end is not in sight. Always remember: your rules are for the slaves, not for the masters.

An example of what happens if you do not obey the 2 options rule

'It's either higher taxes or a crumbling infrastructure or a foreign invasion or poor dieing in the street or greedy capitalists taking over your life'

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" State licensing boards, particularly for medicine, but also for other professions, have instead become first and foremost devices for protecting the monopolistic position of professionals, "

Marie Haus, Regulating the professions