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Beware of murderers

To protect the subject from violence against his person, you need to threaten him with violence against his person to fund the protection racket which supplies him with said protection. Embed it in anthems, flags, medals and professional sports. This seems ludricous, but you can get away with it. While no one would accept it if you said you can only use plumber X because you live in a certain neighborhood, this is perfectly plausible for the provision of security and justice.

The foreign murderous lunatic invader is a popular way to scare people into surrendering their money. The tax cattle will realize there is indeed a murderous lunatic around, but will find it difficult to reason out who it is. Conducting wars against the foreign invaders is an excellent way to funnel money from the tax slaves to your friends in the military industrial complex. Beware that all the killing going on in war will make your tax slaves more fearful, traumatized and their reasoning powers will go down. Less able to understand reality, they will be less able to effectively interact with it. Their productivity will thus go down. You do not want that. Try to restrict the violence of your tax slaves to button pushing.

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" ... an oversupply of doctors threathens. ...perhaps there is need for professional birth control. "

Journal of the American Medical Association, 1932