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The war of all against all

pariesThe war of all against all is a fear based scheme which can be traced back to Thomas Hobbes, who stated that in a state of nature, without some people (the government) commanding other people (the tax slaves), life is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short. He described this in his work Leviathan, which forms the justification for most western political thought.

This scheme is based on confronting the subjects with a false dichotomy:

-Become an obedient source of wealth for your masters


-Live a short, brutish and solitary life in the wilderness

The subject will react in fear and choose the first option (if not, the second option can be extended with more horror scenarios). He is unlikely to wonder why those are all the options and why he can't have a voluntary relationship with you, not based on subjugation. Do not force him to give away all the fruits of his labor, since the argument that without you, his life would be nasty, brutish and short, might not seem so convincing if he is already starving.


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  • Roland  - Picture of tax slave in this article

    Dear reader,
    judging by the picture the girl is more into death by starvation than into voting. Which is akward since judging from earlier video material she prefers to be screwed. Nevertheless, I am interested in a large picture collection of enthusiastic tax cattle for promotional purposes.

  • Supteme Servant  - re: Picture of tax slave in this article

    It is precisely because she like to be screwed that she is so much into voting.

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