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Fear based schemes

fear-chihuahua-uhohThe fear based scheme is based on the tax subject not thinking rationally under conditions of fear. Biologically this can be explained by the brain of the subject entering fight or flight mode, which is faster, but not as thorough. Basically you either create the problem yourself or talk the subject into an imaginary problem and when he is very fearful, you hand him the solution of handing over his freedom to you, in return for security provided to him. When he accepts your 'solution' you can start plucking the chicken, since to him, it now seems like he made a voluntary choice which he has to honor.

This is a very old principle already described by the Chinese Sun Tzu in his book 'the art of warfare'. His strategy was to offer the enemy seemingly a way out, since an enemy with no way out, fights fiercely. The way out you show him, triggers his hope, dims his fighting spirit and invites him to complacency. When the enemy takes the bait, you got him.

The tax subject has to give you the right to exclusively point a gun at people for his security and he will not rebel against your position of power, since he thinks he benefits from the gun and even when he figures out he is not, he will still not object, since you made him a complicit by asking him for permission in elections.

All fear based schemes require a moral underpinning which states that there are humans responsible for the situation of fear and they are bad and you take their money as punishment for their badness. Guilt and redemption underly all fear schemes. This has the unfortunate side effect that all squeeze schemes will eventually fail both from your perspective as from the tax slave perspective. You will require spin to put the blame on someone else. Squeeze Squander and Spin provides some excellent schemes for this as well.

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