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Daddy Dictator

Both father and mother can be used to bring the tax slave back to his infant compliance state without the trouble of enticing him with a voluntary service or directly guarding him with armed guards.

The father variant of the family based scheme, is complementing the nurturing mother variant. The 'dad as rule enforcer' scheme, states that without the discipline of daddy, the children would break down the house and total chaos would ensue. By calling the primal founders of the territorial monopoly the founding fathers, the stage is set for a non chosen rule enforcing monopoly. Contributions to this monopoly are not voluntary, so bad services can not reduce capital inflow. 

Whenever resistance against the rule enforcing monopoly flares up, the 'state as father' should be called in, the need for territory linked, unchosen rules, handed over to the current government by the founding fathers. Resistance will melt as snow in the sun. If this does not work, which is unlikely, you might have done something wrong in the preparation. It is important to get the slaves young, by 'giving' them compulsory 'education'.

At all cost it should be avoided to have the tax slaves get the idea that rules are not territory bound, but relation ship bound. This will be more difficult in the future since many international relationships are made, spanning different extortion territories.

That loving caring but strict father figure that all slaves want to be obedient to

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" State licensing boards, particularly for medicine, but also for other professions, have instead become first and foremost devices for protecting the monopolistic position of professionals, "

Marie Haus, Regulating the professions