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Uneducated Poor

propaganda_educationThe uneducated poor scheme is a fear based scheme, the tax subject is scared with the idea that no one cares about the education of the poor. The vision of uneducated scavengers roaming the country side should scare the heck out of most of the tax cattle. The solution you offer is that you ought to be given permission to coerce tax slaves, so you can prevent this disaster and the poor will be educated. You have to prevent people from asking the question:"Why would people who do not care for the education of the poor, vote for a politician who forces them to care for the education of the poor?" This can be done by focusing them on different questions around 'education'. Remember that when fear is in play, no rational thinking goes one and it is likely this question is not asked at all, especially if a negative reaction is to be expected.

The important advantage of this 'solution' is that the government gets control about what children is taught about their country and their duties by people who are dependent of taxed money by the state, so they will praise the state in their lessons.

When Researcher Alan B. Krueger of Princeton investigated the profile of a terrorist, he found that they in general do not come from a working class, low educational background. Their profile turned out more alike to that of a voter; politically engaged, ready to change the world and well educated. Education is essential to breed terrorists as well as tax slaves, education by people who's salaries are coerced out of the tax cattle and who's relationships with the students is based on coercion. Remember that just making your education 'free' for the poor is not enough to get them to send their kids to your propaganda centers, they are way to smart for that. You have to make attendance compulsory as well.

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" The United States will eventually fly the Communist Red flag. ... The american people will hoist it themselves. "

Nikita Krushchev, soviet premier, November 16, 1956