The ethnic minority

The 'ethnic' spin on scheme collapse, is a popular one, although there is no truth in it whatsoever. Sure, immigrants and minorities are over represented in crime statistics, but this is just because their productivity is lower and you have abolished all their means of employment. Minimum wages and subsidies have destroyed the bottom steps of the ladder of affluence which either made their job illegal or made it unprofitable to start on that first important new job. Since theft and violence are at the base of social security and minimum wages, the members of the minority will also engage in theft and violence. It was you who initiated the violence that set this spiral in motion. You are of course not actually going to say that.

Since the majority is implicated and signed off the initiation of violence you directed, which in turn started the economic march towards a non productive society, they prefer to blame the minority instead of looking at their own role.

These schemes can become pretty violent as the majority tries to kill of the minority you pointed out as the cause of the misery (after pushing them in a corner)

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